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03.02.2004Neuer Rekord dank SuperKäsi
Im Januar hatte genau 36.000 Pageviews :-)
und Robot Invaders und das Gästebuch funktionieren nun auch wieder.

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19.04.2011 07:04:32von Skip
Superior thinking deomstnarted above. Thanks!
17.05.2016 15:05:42von Jazlyn
lost (238)-Much like bi and Fr172kan;s illegal-alien quants, many of the alleged bulls who spout off these days have no skin in the game. Either they are trolling sideliners, or they have had whatever skin they had in the game peeled from them by Mr. Market in a most Lecter-like fashion.They do seem to like to show up and bleat their twaddle at family events and blogs like this one, though.
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